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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
  Q. How do I access the online curriculum?
  • Scroll over the Modules and Quizzes tab. Select Modules from the Module Descriptions drop down menu.
  • Download the appropriate module.
  • To receive your Certificate of Completion, a quiz must be submitted. Email a copy of the completed quiz to Please save a copy for your records.
 Q. Are the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) approved by the Illinois Certification Board (ICB)?
 A.  Yes, SUD Continuing Education Curriculum has been approved by the ICB.  All of the modules have been approved for the following categories:  Counselor I or II, Preventionist I, CARS I or II, CODP I or II (formerly MISA I or II), PCGC II, CCJP II, CAAP I, CRSS II, CPRS I or II, MAATP I or II, NCRS II, CFPP II, GCE, CVSS II